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Ouroboros is the first proof of stake protocol that has mathematically been shown to be provably secure, and the first to have gone through peer review through its acceptance to Crypto 2017, the leading cryptography conference. The level of security demonstrated by Ouroboros compares to that of Bitcoin’s blockchain, which has never been compromised.

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Frequently Asked

It is similar where those who participate earn rewards, but different to mining as it requires no equipment. Instead of miners, there are validators. The validators lock up some of their ADA as a stake in the ecosystem to a particular pool (cheapstakes pool). Following that, the validators bet on the blocks that they feel will be added next to the chain. When the block gets added, the validators get a block reward in proportion to their stake.

No risk, except that if a pool goes down, you will start getting no rewards (imagine setting and forgetting and finding out your friends pool shutdown months ago), so you need to monitor and make sure you pick a stable pool, which is why selecting CheapStaking as your preferred ADA pool is a no brainer!

Yes, you will be able to delegate to a pool from a hardware wallet or a paper wallet.

Currently parameters have an estimated yearly return on staking of 4.6% per year

Pledging contracts are available with flexible terms, please email us for more information. has a low fee of 2% on reward transactions + minimum fixed fee (340 per epoch). These fees help cover infrastructure and monitoring costs. Using Azure cloud we can ensure a 99.9% up-time with advanced DDoS and Security. Whist many home based operations are offering 0% fees, a lower up-time will lead to lower reward compared to a fee based pool with higher up-time.


Welcome to the shelley era! As a proof-of-stake network, you are now able to stake your ADA to participate in the network with the CheapStaking StakePool.

ADA locked as "Pledge"
Super margin fee + 340 fixed, automatically taxed from rewards

How we compare with other Stake Pools

 Some link from 4chanHome server based
Low transaction fees??v
Lovers of Cardanovvv
Powered by Linuxvvv
OG ITN participant??v
Easy to joinvvv
Trusted Haskell Stakepool Pioneer  ?v
Containerized in Kubernetes Service  v
Secure  v
Scalable  v
99.9% Uptime  v
High stake holdings  v
DDos protection  v
Run on a enterprise grade cloud (Microsoft Azure)  v

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