Pool Results

Cheapstaking strive for transparent results, at the end of each epoch results in the lottery draw for blocks will be published on our telegram channel here.

ROA / ROS % = Annualized Return on Staking – your percentage return based on your delegated staking.

He aint wrong #Cardano 🚀🚀



Ryan Selkis 📖 🖊🔑@twobitidiot

Ruh roh

From keynote speeches, to product announcements & updates on all the innovations taking place on #Cardano. With food trucks, live music & a whole lot more, this promises to be a party like no other. And yes, @IOHK_Charles will be there.

Poor again.


Crypto bros yesterday vs. Crypto bros today #welcomeaboard

Many asked me about the markets today. We need to respect the market, with a level of caution too. It goes up and down in cycles. And especially the fact that it doesn’t always make sense. 1/4

Before the weekend, an update proposal was made to increase #Cardano mainnet block size by 8K. This change will take effect later today at the boundary of epoch 335, Monday 25th April @ UTC 20:20:00. The current block size is 80KB, and after this change, it will be 88KB 🧵 1/5

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