Pool Results

Cheapstaking strive for transparent results, at the start of each new epoch previous results will be displayed showing the number of blocks minted, the return on staking and the slot allocation for the up coming epoch. 

100%  = All assigned Slots were converted to blocks during the previous Epoch
ROA / ROS % = Annualized Return on Staking – your percentage return based on your delegated staking.

Slot  allocation are randomly assigned to pools during the new epoch transition, our pools are online 24/7 with monitoring and automation to ensure nothing goes a miss. Do be aware having a slot does not mean a block will be minted – its possible multiple pools will be battling to produce a block on that slot as described below:

  • SLOT BATTLE means two or more pools were assigned the same exact slot. A random winner will be selected where one of the pools will be assigned as the “winner” and have their block chained to the network (the other produced blocks will be discarded).

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