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Cheapstaking strive for transparent results, at the end of each epoch results in the lottery draw for blocks will be published on our telegram channel here.

ROA / ROS % = Annualized Return on Staking – your percentage return based on your delegated staking.

Imagine when staking went live on #Cardano over 2 years ago and you were told you would have to wait for #CardanoVasil22ndSept to be able to unstake ⛓️ imagine the backlash

Following the successful completion & extensive testing of all core components, plus confirmed community readiness, we along with @cardanostiftung can today announce 22nd September for the #Vasil upgrade on the #Cardano mainnet. 🧵


A midweek #Vasil upgrade update!🧵

IOG & @CardanoStiftung continue to work with the community readying for the #Vasil upgrade. Vasil brings numerous enhancements to #Cardano, from pipelining (adding throughput & scalability) and exciting new #Plutus capabilities. 1/8

Progress towards to the #Vasil mainnet upgrade continues...

For this upgrade to be triggered, the IOG & @CardanoStiftung teams are tracking three critical mass indicators the community will need to reach before the #Vasil upgrade will be triggered. 🧵


Good to see more exchanges kicking off the #VasilHardFork upgrades..


Once the in progress are ready and Coinbase + Huobi upgrade we should be getting close on the 80% metric as well as 25 exchanges 💪

#Cardano #CardanoADA #CardanoVasil

crypto twitter watching the markets pump today:

🎂Today is the 2. birthday of all OG SPOs, congrats!

List is really loong:

@ISP_Cardano @ProfSmith9000 @olaahlman @CheapStaking @dolcapool @iwh_pool @CanadaCardano @EggsStake @Muggy_Pool @EdenGardenPool @berry_ales @AzureADA @RockyStaking @steakandbaker

Did you know that until now, a lot of ERC20 tokens just technically weren't able to be ported to Cardano because of missing functionality?

The Vasil update will allow a new class of tokens to be ported over -- notably non-custodial token, stablecoins & stateful tokens

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