Pool Results

Cheapstaking strive for transparent results, at the end of each epoch results in the lottery draw for blocks will be published on our telegram channel here.

ROA / ROS % = Annualized Return on Staking – your percentage return based on your delegated staking.

To celebrate our launch that takes place #CyberMonday (11-29) at 2pm UTC we're giving away a #Christmas tree!
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Drawing in 24 Hours!
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⬇️ Please read the below ⬇️

➡️ DO NOT SEND FROM AN EXCHANGE, we will NOT be able to refund
➡️ Series 2 POLICY ID: 8ac77b85271f96a8b0e77a0f85c9d5bd2d6320d31a877fee6f7ead5a


Cardano Kombat Series 2 - 'The Path to 1 Billion Users' starts in just under 12 hours!

Come and test your mite! S1 and S2 card holders are included in the upcoming airdrop!

With a strategy game in toe, this is not a drop to miss!
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Stake your #CardanoADA on @YoroiWallet with @CheapStaking 👍🏿👍🏾👍🏽👍🏼👍🏻👍

We all know what comes next 🚀🚀 #cardano 🙌💎

Red lights! 🚨🎄
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BREAKING NEWS: The doggiebowl has been reopened! 🙌🏻 https://hosky.io $hosky #hosky #cardano #ada $ada

NEW BLOG: Taking a closer look at ways of #DApp architecture on #Cardano. In this blog, we offer an example architecture and also discuss possible improvements that will boost transaction throughput and minimize delays in transaction processing. https://bit.ly/3cgzXjR

Now that the #SundaeSwap ISO Stake Pool Operator vote has concluded, we wanted to take a moment to release a post-mortem and share our learnings and lessons from the process.👇

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